A better approach for achieving your goals.

More than just investment management, our wealth advisory services coordinate all aspects of your wealth, not just your money, with the ultimate aim of helping you achieve your life goals. It is our belief that this is the right way to plan and invest. If you were planning a road trip without knowing where you were going, how could you possibly know how you’re going to get there? Yet so many advisors begin to invest for their clients without having first determined where their clients are, where they’re going, and how they are going to get there. These advisors are unaware of the full scope of their clients’ life, wealth, goals and dreams. This isn’t right. There is a better approach; learn more here.

Once we fully understand you and your goals, we will develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Your IPS reflects your circumstances and goals and becomes a mutually agreed upon guide for the management of your investment portfolio. Unlike advisors who attempt to beat or time the market, we strive to achieve consistent, long-term after-tax results using a systematic approach to asset allocation and diversification. We understand that success is not a market benchmark. Success is defined by an individual’s ability to achieve his or her personal life and wealth goals.

Fundamental to achieving your vision is knowing that your investment strategies are not only coordinated to support each of your life goals but that the strategies are being managed with the skill and resources necessary to successfully navigate tough economic environments. With the reassurance that we are working every day to anticipate the unexpected, you have the freedom to enjoy living your life today.

Creating A Sound Investment Strategy

Define Investment Objectives

Before determining the right investment vehicle, we work with you to define your investment objectives. Investing without having first determined the investment objectives that will support your goals is like boarding an airplane without having verified its destination.

Portfolio Design

With goals clearly set, we’re ready to design highly diversified portfolios – not just between equity and fixed income but also across underlying alpha drivers as well. After identifying potential alpha sources and then projecting how a portfolio might react throughout each economic cycle, we’re ready for the next step – evaluating potential investment managers.

Manager Selection and Monitoring

As we seek to identify managers that can deliver consistent risk-adjusted results, one of our primary objectives is differentiating manager skill from market-generated returns. To assist in this process, the entire universe of investment managers is screened using quantitative metrics to separate skill from luck. A qualitative analysis examines the investment philosophy and process, followed by an in-depth review of the management team.

Tax Management

We focus on tax management to help potentially enhance after-tax returns. Remember, it’s not what’s earned – it’s what’s kept. Our investment process is designed to help you keep more.


Why Taxes Matter